Best Robotron Z1013 Games

The Robotron Z1013 was a home computer released in East Germany in the 1980s. Although it was not as popular as other home computers of the time, it still had a number of games released for it. Here are some of the best Robotron Z1013 games: N-Game: A platformer game where the player controls a … Read more

Best Tangerine Oric Games

The Tangerine Oric was a series of 8-bit home computers released in the UK in 1983. Here are some of the best games for the Tangerine Oric, along with features, pros and cons, and official website links: Don’t Press The Letter Q – A puzzle game where you must avoid pressing the letter Q. Features … Read more

Best Mattel Aquarius Games

The Mattel Aquarius was a home computer released in 1983. It was designed to be an affordable alternative to the popular computers of the time, such as the Apple II and the Commodore 64. While it was not as successful as those machines, it did have a number of games that were enjoyed by its … Read more

Best Pel Varazdin Orao Games

We couldn’t find any notable games for Pel Varazdin Orao, as it was a relatively obscure computer released in Yugoslavia in the 1980s. It had limited software support and very few games were developed for it.

Best Camputers Lynx Games

According to our information, there were no commercially successful video game consoles or systems with the name “Camputers Lynx.” However, there was a home computer released in 1983 called the “Camputers Lynx.” If you would like a list of the best games for the Camputers Lynx computer, please let me know.

Best RCA Studio II Games

The RCA Studio II is a second-generation home video game console released in 1977. It features a limited color palette of black and white, and its games were stored on cartridges. Here are some of the best games for the RCA Studio II: Bowling: A simple bowling game with responsive controls and a satisfying physics … Read more

Best Dragon Data Dragon Games

The Dragon Data Dragon is a home computer released in the United Kingdom in the early 1980s. Here are some of the best games for the Dragon Data Dragon: Donkey King (1983) – This is a clone of the classic arcade game Donkey Kong. The game features four different screens, each with its own unique … Read more

Best GCE Vectrex Games

The GCE Vectrex was a unique console released in 1982 that featured vector graphics on a built-in screen. It had a small library of games, but they were known for their high quality and innovation. Here are some of the best Vectrex games: Mine Storm – This was the pack-in game that came with every … Read more

Best Watara Supervision Games

The Watara Supervision was a handheld game console released in 1992 by the Taiwanese company Watara. Although it was not as popular as other handheld consoles of its time, such as the Nintendo Game Boy or the Sega Game Gear, it had a number of unique games that were well-received by players. Here are some … Read more

Best Luxor ABC 800 Games

Currently, there are no games available for Luxor ABC 800 as it was a personal computer released in the 1980s that did not have any notable gaming capabilities. It was primarily used for business and educational purposes.