SmartGaGa Installation Guide

SmartGaGa is not software from mars that would require some superpowers to install. It is just like other Android emulators but with some lightweight features. If you can install any program on Windows OS, then SmartGaGa installation is nothing more than that.

If you have already installed any Android emulator (such as BlueStacks, MEmu, Gameloop, MuMu Player, etc.) on PC, you will have a similar installation experience with SmartGaGa too.

Anyhow, let’s make things easier because we always love to seek tutorials for better knowledge and error-free experiment. Therefore, here is a full installation guide for the SmartGaGa Android emulator.

The video explains it all. However, here is the detailed step by step explanation for your convenience.

  1. First, go to the SmartGaGa download page.
  2. Select the appropriate version (we recommend SmartGaGa with Android 7.1.2 Nougat version)
  3. Wait till the download is complete and then run the SmartGaGa installer.
  4. Press the Next button.
  5. Press the I Agree button.
  6. You can change the destination folder where SmartGaGa will install (optional), and press the Install button.
  7. Wait till the completion of the installation process. It may take some time, or even seem to stuck at some point, but wait a few minutes to finish.
  8. Check/uncheck the Run SmartGaGa box, and press the Finish button.

That’s all for installation, now run the SmartGaGa emulator and start exploring the joy of Android world on Windows PC.


You may see the following error message when you start the program:

Network initialization failed. Please check your internet connection is available.

This message appears when you do not have internet access. Though SmartGaGa can run offline, but it needs internet connection at least for the first run. The first time launch requires the internet for basic setup and account establishment. To solve this problem, connect to the internet and restart the SmartGaGa emulator.

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  1. Google play store open but when i download any app error comes – Can’t download the app,
    and no app download in play store , and without apps smartgaga is of no use
    so plz tell me how to solve this problem

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