Goongloo, is actually a fruity vegetable. No, we are not selling vegetables here, it is just an inspiration. Our mission is to help people play Android games on desktop computers and laptops using Android emulators and Android OS for desktop computers.

Anybody can download emulators but most users face installation problems. If somehow, the software is installed, launching and gameplay issues become hurdles. Thus ruining the fun and excitement on the spot. We understand this frustration and you are not alone, there are thousands of people who face similar issues.

First of all, do not worry. Games are designed for enjoyment. If you face Android emulator problems, try to fix them and we will assist you through Goongloo platform.

And if wore comes to the worst, don’t lose heart, there are tens of Android emulators available here. Try the next, and next, until you meet the best emulator for your desktop computer or laptop.

Of course, don’t feel alone, ask us, share your problems and ideas here and you will meet people like you and us here to help you, happily.

Success comes to those who know how to play their ‘game’.

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