Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS Android on PC

Phoenix OS is one of the best Android-based Operating Systems. In gaming life it doesn’t matter how powerful the phone is, we all want a big screen. Phoenix OS allows you to play all your favorite games on the big screen.

It is built-in with numerous enhanced features that make it a perfect fit for smart tablets, laptops, desktops computers, and other big-screen devices.

Besides its classical features for personal computers, it supports hundreds and thousands of Android Applications. This makes it possible to use in any environment either home, office, educational institutions or any other place.

Features & Highlights

Comprehensive Start Menu

Phoenix OS comes with a comprehensive start menu. You can browse more applications at one time if you want or you can start the full-screen mode of the start menu. It also enables you to start the installed applications, enter into the system settings and other functions.

Highly Efficient Multitasking

The Phoenix OS supports multitasking Windows operation and tasks. Unlike other conventional emulators, it allows you easy switching between applications with improved utilization efficiency.

Manageable Operations

The Phoenix OS enables you easy, simple & classified management, LAN access, global search and even the mouse operation, including windows dragging and decompression. 

Keyboard Shortcuts

This advanced Android OS perfectly supports keyboard shortcuts including copy & pasting and other several classical shortcuts.

Manageable Notifications

The notification center allows you to manage your notification information. It makes the Phoenix OS more manageable.

Android Applications

With Phoenix OS you can enjoy multiple Android Apps. It is fully compatible with the Android ecosystem, applications, and games.


Phoenix OS is available as Freeware for Windows either 32-bit or 64-bit operating system.

Recommended Computer Settings

To download the software, the system should have some specifications. Computers with Intel x86 processor and internal Storage of more than 2GB from the past five years are recommended.

How to install the System

To install the System you have to follow these steps.

  1. Download the installation package
  2. Double Click the installation file
  3. Head over to ‘Install to Hard Disk’
  4. Select a drive with free space greater than 4.5 G
  5.  After successful installation, restarts your device.
  6. Select ‘Phoenix OS’ in the start menu to boot up the computer.

Note: For the first time it will take time to start the system. It will be faster after subsequent startups.


  • Phoenix OS can play APK apps and emulate Android
  • Enables you to access Google Play Apps
  • Straight forward installation
  • Freeware for all systems


According to me, the software is not similar to Remix OS for PC. I faced some issues with resizing browser windows. Users also have reported that they have to refresh the web pages in order to adjust the fonts. Sometimes it accidentally results in maximizing the window.

Bottom Line 

Phoenix OS ensures a flexible, user-friendly interface. It is compatible with all devices, & doesn’t show issues with any device. Phoenix OS has all updated & improved features to provide the best gaming experience for players. The program’s window management, setting manager, and default file browser all are improved and up to date.

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