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One of the most effective tools to manage your Android device from your PC is AirDroid. You can make several things with it, such as accessing your book, sending text, sharing photos, and getting desktop notifications. It features a set of tools that help developers create Android apps and games.

Although not the best option as an Android emulator, this Windows version includes the same features as the web service and is not browser-dependent.


You will be able to access various sections of the program after you have entered your credentials and installed the official AirDroid app on your Android device (also available uptown). All sorts of files can be sent and Windows folders even created that synchronize over the distance. Also, if it is stored in the call log or the contact list, you can access the whole text message history.

AirMirror feature lets you look at a mirror picture of your Android device and even use your mouse to interact with it is one of the most interesting choices. This makes AirDroid an extremely useful tool along with the convenience of receiving all of your notifications on the Windows desktop notification bar.

Recommended Specifications

  • Intel CPU.
  • Free space of 6 GB
  • 64 GB random access memory

Final thoughts

We all have apps with which we’re obsessed and install on every device. For every phone, we have essential apps. That’s at least what happens to me with a particular app: for many years now AirDroid was with me. It’s part of the family, I could almost say. With every new update, this Android app can improve on a computer. And now it’s better than ever with its latest murderer revamp.

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