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TianTian app player lets you install and play Android 64-bit required apps and games. Though not very popular, TianTian is a powerful Android emulator having modern features.
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Finally, an Android emulator that supports Android 64-bit is available. Now you can install and play Android 64-bit required apps and games like Fortnite using an Android emulator called TianTian Emulator. It’s not a very popular emulator because it’s in Chinese, but you can change the Android system language to English. As of now, this is the only Android Emulator that supports Android 64-bit versions with Android 6 Marshmallow.

Note that i686 refers to the x86 64 architecture. There should be support for ARM64 translation. In the 3.2.0 x64 version, there is no support for Google Services. Visit the official website for more information.

Tiantian Team is the creator of Tiantian App Player. In this video, you will learn how to install the most recent version of TianTian Android App Participant or Emulator for Windows, as well as how to customise or setup TianTian App Participant for maximum performance on your Windows desktop or laptop PC.

This video may cover topics such as: how to alter TianTian player language, how to change TianTian Android emulator language, and how to change TianTian app player language.

  • Methods for installing Google Play Store on TianTian,
  • Methods for configuring the TianTian settings
  • On Titiantian, there are several ways to set the CPU and RAM.
TianTian Android emulator installation and setup tutorial

The Android Emulator TianTianTian Emulator which supports the Android 64-bit version with Android 6 Marshmallow has been released. The Android emulator is in Chinese language but you can change the Android system language to English. As of this date, this is the only Android emulator which has an Android Emulator that supports Android 6 Marshmallow.

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