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As far as availability is concerned, several Android emulators are free to download. As part of its Android SDK, Google provides one. It is possible to run the Android apps and games on Windows PC or Mac in a freely available software package. While using this software, XDA Forum Members disliked the software and decided to build their Android emulator. And so was born Jar of Beans.

Jar of Beans runs Android Jelly Bean, as the name implies (using 4.1.1 at present). It supports the Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (HAXM) which enables the emulator to increase its overall performance with hardware acceleration. Jar of Beans has one advantage over other emulators, which is entirely portable and does not require installation. Running a file is as easy as running it.


One of the advantages of using Android is that emulators can be used on our PC to run apps on our computer. Between them, this Jar of Beans is to be pointed out.

Nevertheless, JoB offers the main advantage of being able to use it as a portable version, so we can take it on a USB stick and run it on any computer without any download and download permissions from the administration.

Anyway, it is an emulator classically running with a screen resolution of 1280×768 by default. One of the positive aspects is that a powerful computer is not needed to run it, because we need only 1 GB of RAM.

Therefore, Jar of Beans is an excellent option when searching for a portable emulator that you can use to open the most available APKs to download on the internet (many still run on Android 4.1).

Recommended Specifications

  • Intel CPU.
  • Free space of 6 GB
  • 4 GB random access memory

Final thoughts

several handy features have been added to the latest beta version. A multi-user support was provided to save individual custom settings for each user. You also can create a virtual SD card to create SD card of all sizes you want that is naturally seen as a standard SD card in the emulator.

For upcoming versions, several features are planned. Unrealmanu hopes to provide full-text entry from the computer keyboard with keyboard support. The to-do list also includes a selection of skins and additional resolutions.

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