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The AMD AppZone Player has announced its launch. Hundreds of thousands of Android apps can be used on AMD-equipped computers with the new software. The AppZone also provides remote control for smartphones. The company has worked with BlueStacks, which bridges Android and x86 application ecosystems through its innovative LayerCake technology. Here you can download the AppZone Player software for AMD. Some old favourites either left the room or got useless (Andy, AmiduOS, and Leapdroid) at some point, but everything else should work for most people all right here. Alternatively, you can go download any Android app from the AMD App Zone website, the first one is also downloading the player app.


AMD OpenGL Drivers are also supported, which is used in APUs and GPUs of the company as well as Cloud Connect support. This works with an app on your Android phone to synchronize apps and SMS on your computer and run software on your phone.

Back at the end of 2011, AMD invested in BlueStacks, when the deal became a way of placing the large app portfolio of Android on Fusion-based tablets. The business is also not alone; ASUS has a BlueStacks-based instrument released and Qualcomm has also invested money in the company.

As AMD shows, the new AMD AppZone Player offers thousands of tracks, as well as remote smartphone controls, Android applications to PCs based on its processors.

Recommended Specifications :

  • Intel CPU.
  • Free space of 6 GB
  • 128 GB random access memory

Final thoughts

Probably these Android applications will be most welcome on the next Windows 8 Touch PCs and tablets with a relatively small software market. So far, a great many Windows 8 devices, but not so many with AMD chips, have been announced with Intel and ARM.

“The two companies already have talks with PC manufacturers such as HP according to BlueStacks to preload the AppZone to future AMD devices,” Wired says. The AppZone Player is hopefully a more appealing device for an AMD touch-tablet than a similar Intel Windows 8 device which has access to only 2,000 touch-friendly applications from the Windows store.

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