Best Android Emulators with Minimum Resource Usage

Do you want to run Android OS on your PC? Probably for fun if you’re a developer or to run games and apps. If so, you just need the smallest and lightest Android emulator for PC. It would use the least amount of space and execute any Android app without any issues. The Best Android … Read more

Production of the Samsung Galaxy A04s is reportedly starting at a plant in Noida, India. Launch information has been leaked.

samsung galaxy a13 front image

According to reports, Samsung Galaxy A04s will launch in India in late September or early October. Production of the Samsung Galaxy A04s has reportedly started in Samsung’s factory in Noida. According to reports, the South Korean manufacturer is still perfecting the manufacturing processes, and over the next two months, we could see the smartphone in … Read more

The fingerprint scanner on the Google Pixel 6a has a security flaw.

It appears that even unregistered fingerprints can unlock the Google Pixel 6a. The identical behavior was observed on our Pixel 6a review device as well. The Google Pixel 6a was just introduced in India and will start selling on July 28 for Rs. 43,999. It appears that the Google Pixel 6a is having troubles with … Read more

Shenzhen, China, reportedly ordered 100 large companies, including Foxconn, into a closed loop to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Foxconn claimed that business was “normal” at its Shenzhen plants and that it would abide by regulations to maintain secure production. As it fights COVID-19, the Chinese city of Shenzhen instructed 100 significant enterprises, including iPhone manufacturer Foxconn, to build up “closed-loop” systems, according to a document attributed to the local administration and making the … Read more