Best Android Emulators

Android emulator is a software than enables you to run Android apps and games on your PC​.

Find the Best Android emulator to run Android apps on Windows PC, Mac, Linux, or in a web browser.

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For Windows

Desktop king meets mobile king. Enjoy the most popular mobile operating system (Android) inside the most popular desktop operating system (Windows).

The good news is Windows has covered most Android emulators. Name an emulator and most probably it would have a Windows compatible version.

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For Mac

Experience the best of two universes by running Android apps and games right inside your macOS.

Just see and believe two aspiring rivals running together on the same screen. Satisfy your fun appetite inside the most aesthetic environment.

Uncover the best Android emulators for macOS

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For Linux

Linux though not made for kids, running Android apps and games is not a dream anymore.

Fill the gap of apps on Linux by Android apps. Take your development environment to the next level.

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For Browser (Online)

No comfortable with installing an Android emulator on your working machine? Meet online Android emulators.

No downloads. No installations. No bloatware.

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