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BlueStacks, based in Silicon Valley, is the world’s leading provider of cross-platform service to over 300 million gamers worldwide, bridging the gap between mobile and computing devices. The MSI App Player, which was developed under an exclusive BlueStacks partnership, provides MSI’s leading games computers with the most advanced gamer experience.

The partnerships offer both companies deep integration, allowing MSI PCs to seamlessly operate mobile games and leverage individual features, including game-specific backlighting and cutting-edge graphics.

As you may know, a virtual machine can run applications that are designed for other systems and configurations, or just to run them as a sandbox isolated. And a virtual machine that is specifically developed to run applications for this operating system is no more than an Android emulator.


MSI has its own MSI App Player, an MSI emulator which allows us to run apps on a gaming-oriented PC for the operating system. That’s surely why we’ll find a wide variety of video games for mobile devices, which is mostly enjoyed on the big screen and peripherals like mouse, keyboard or gamepads, rather than on the smartphone or tablet touch screen. This emulator can withstand the following functions and features, such as LDPlayer:

  • The frame rate is high.
  • Run several games simultaneously.
  • Wide display screen.
  • Better than on the strongest mobile devices.
  • BlueStacks developed.

So, you can take Android games on a different level if you want to play those games you can’t find on a PC using MSI Android Emulator.

Recommended Specifications

  • Intel CPU.
  • Free space of 4 GB
  • 64 GB random access memory

Final thoughts

MSI App Player gives the user the ability to simultaneously play several games through numerous windows, all of which are opened at once, and also allows you to open the same game on several windows at once.

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