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Windroy Android Emulator is a Windows platform emulator for Android. The app was designed to provide the user with a complete Android experience. There are plenty of valid reasons why someone wants to run Android emulators on your computer.

Windroy is doing a good job of retaining Android platform characteristics. The primary lock screen starts when the app is first running, and then the standard interface is passed over.

The animations were improved and virtual buttons were provided. Both full-screen and window mode and various user interface resolutions are available.


It is a tool that allows users to run Android apps, android emulation, on their computer, Windroy Windows Android stands. You probably aren’t unfamiliar with Windroy already using BlueStacks, because it will bring a very similar experience. The analog said Windroy is working on the kernel of Windows instead of using VirtualBox virtual machines like some other things. So its activity, like Genymotion or Android X86, is minimal and not burdening.

You can control the app with the mouse or the keyboard. Windroy also uses the power of the system and is fully integrated with other Windows applications, such as Flash. Windroy also supports PPPoE and Ethernet to enable you within the Android emulator to access the internet. Windroy is a good app for developers who need apps and users to see how Android works

Recommended Specifications

  • Intel CPU.
  • Free space of 4 GB
  • 128 GB random access memory

For creators or professional computer users, Windroy is a great choice. It starts fast and without much trouble and is easy to use once it runs. It isn’t difficult to use and works very intuitively for those with computer experience. It should be seen more like a sandbox area to test things instead of a daily-use phone replacement.

Final thoughts

For the Windows platform, Windroy is an Android emulator. The app was designed to provide the user with a complete Android experience. As Windroy provides an accurate copy of the Android platform, you can use it to test the operating system functionality of your Windows PC.

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