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You can run all types of Android applications on Google Chrome easily and instantaneously with the ARC Welder app. ARC Welder is a shortcut for Chrome’s App Runtime. You can use your smartphone functions on a PC without much hassle by using this easy-to-use Android emulator. As the app has a steep learning curve, IT professionals and experienced users are mainly in favor of Android bench testing applications.

You must load the APK file and set up your device of choice by downloading ARC Welder. It helps you avoid the tedious testing of small-screen applications or games. It is the fully automated system and intuitive interface that is the best way to use the program.


ARC Welder for Chrome is designed to give you a full experience in Android. This app conserves your Android smartphone to its prominent features, making it much easier to use intuitive menus, a simple interface, virtual buttons, and refined animations. Simply put, you can try all the features of an Android app without accessing a smartphone on your Microsoft Windows PC.

ARC Welder’s main purpose is to provide you with an extensive Android port. Because of the multi-tasking, web browsing, intuitive interface, and easy access capabilities, this is a Windows-packed best Android emulator.

To make sure you are similar to an Android Smartphone, you can also customize inputs with the ARC Welder.

Recommended Specifications

  • Intel CPU.
  • Free space of 4 GB
  • 6 GB random access memory

Final thoughts

ARC Welder is a tool that unites your desktop computer and Android to open several doors. It helps you run Google-based applications using the convenient, integrated navigator system.

While ARC Welder is unable to support new applications, a download is still worth it. This program features a wide range of features, which allow you to experience Android on your laptop right away. As such, the software facilitates the management of various aspects of app development.

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