Android Studio

Android Studio

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Android Studio is the default and official development console from Android. More precisely it is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for developing Android apps and games. But for some reasons it can be listed among the best Android emulators for desktop machines.

So far so good, but why Android Studio is listed with famous Android emulators such as BlueStacks, MEmu, LDPlayer, etc?

Simply because Android Studio has a built-in AVD (Android Virtual Device) that is also known as Android Emulator. It helps you choose a virtual device brand and model and you will experience a similar experience as your specified device.

How Android Studio works better than typical emulators?

The Android Emulator enable Android gadgets on your desktop so one can test on a huge number of gadgets without having each device. Android emulators allow developers to set up on their workstation virtual Android devices. Perhaps you just want to have it there. In any event, emulation by Android on a PC is possible and much easier than in the past. They can be useful early in the development cycle for rapid testing.


The emulator provides nearly all Android device capabilities. Inbound calls and text messages can be simulated, device location specified, different network speeds simulated, hardware sensors and rotation simulated, Google Play Sheets accessed, and many other.

Testing your app on the emulator in some ways will be faster and easier than on a physical device. For example, you can transmit data to the emulator faster than to a USB device.

The emulator includes pre-determined configurations for various Android phones, tablets, wear systems and Android TV devices.

The integrated profiling tools provide real-time CPU, memory, and network activity statistics for your app. Identify the bottlenecks in terms of performance through the method tracks, check the heap and allocations, and check the network payloads input and output.

Recommended Specifications

  • Intel CPU.
  • Free space of 6 GB
  • 4 GB random access memory

Final thoughts

Android emulators have revolutionized device and user experience capabilities. It serves many purposes, such as large-screen testing and gaming. An Android emulator can add value to your devices because it can simultaneously connect various aspects of all your devices. You can increase the capability and functionality of your devices by using the ideal Android emulator and improve your user experience.

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