Apex Legends Tier List (Season 8)

The Ultimate Apex Legends Tier List for Season 8

Are you ready to find out which Legends are dominating the competition in Apex Legends Season 8? Look no further than our comprehensive tier list, where we break down each Legend’s strengths and weaknesses to help you make the most of your gameplay.

S Tier: The Apex Predators

The Legends in the S Tier are the most powerful and versatile in the game, with skills that can make or break a match.

  1. Horizon – Horizon’s Gravity Lift and Black Hole abilities can change the course of a battle in seconds. She’s a must-pick for teams who need to move fast and keep their enemies on their toes.
  2. Wraith – Wraith is a staple of any competitive Apex Legends team, with the ability to phase out of danger and set up Portal teleportation for quick escapes or flanking maneuvers.
  3. Gibraltar – Gibraltar is a tank-like Legend who can absorb a tremendous amount of damage with his Dome of Protection and Defensive Bombardment ultimate. He’s an excellent choice for teams looking to hold down key positions.

A Tier: The Strong Contenders

The Legends in the A Tier are still powerful, but may require a bit more finesse to be effective.

  1. Bloodhound – Bloodhound’s ability to track and reveal enemy positions makes them a valuable asset in any squad, especially when paired with a Legend who can take advantage of that intel.
  2. Bangalore – Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher and Rolling Thunder ultimate are great for both defensive and offensive situations, making her a versatile choice for any team.
  3. Pathfinder – Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook and Zipline Gun can help his team move quickly and efficiently across the map, but his lack of defensive abilities puts him in a more vulnerable position.

B Tier: The Middle of the Pack

The Legends in the B Tier are solid picks, but may not have the same impact as the S or A Tier Legends.

  1. Lifeline – Lifeline’s abilities to heal and revive teammates are invaluable, but her lack of mobility and offensive power can make her an easy target.
  2. Mirage – Mirage’s decoys and Psyche Out ability can be useful for disorienting enemies and creating opportunities for flanking, but his overall kit can feel lackluster compared to other Legends.
  3. Caustic – Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps and Nox Gas Grenade can be effective for locking down an area, but they can also be a hindrance to his own teammates. He’s a situational pick that may not be ideal for every team.

C Tier: The Less Optimal Picks

The Legends in the C Tier may have some useful abilities, but they’re generally considered less powerful and less versatile than other picks.

  1. Octane – Octane’s Stim ability can help him move quickly and evade danger, but his lack of utility outside of that makes him a less popular pick in competitive play.
  2. Loba – Loba’s Burglar’s Best Friend ability to teleport and Black Market Boutique ultimate can be useful for looting and repositioning, but her kit is generally considered less impactful than other Legends.
  3. Revenant – Revenant’s Silence ability can disable enemy abilities and his Death Totem ultimate can give his team a second chance, but his lack of mobility and defensive abilities make him a less popular choice.

D Tier: The Underdogs

The Legends in the D Tier are considered the weakest picks in the game, with abilities that are often situational or underwhelming.

  1. Wattson – Wattson’s ability to set up fences and pylons can be useful for locking down an area, but her kit is generally considered too niche for most competitive play.
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