Best 3DO Games

The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer was a home video game console released in 1993. Here are some of the best 3DO games:

  1. Road Rash – Features high-speed motorcycle racing and combat with weapons, pros include intense gameplay and variety of weapons, cons include poor graphics and lack of depth. Official website link: N/A
  2. Super Street Fighter II Turbo – Features classic fighting game with 16 playable characters, pros include smooth gameplay and great sound effects, cons include limited playability and lack of originality. Official website link: N/A
  3. Alone in the Dark – Features survival horror gameplay set in a haunted mansion, pros include creepy atmosphere and challenging puzzles, cons include clunky controls and frustrating combat. Official website link: N/A
  4. Star Control II – Features space exploration and combat gameplay, pros include deep storyline and varied gameplay elements, cons include outdated graphics and lack of tutorials. Official website link: N/A
  5. Gex – Features a 3D platformer with a wisecracking gecko, pros include fun gameplay and humorous dialogue, cons include occasional camera issues and repetitive levels. Official website link: N/A

Note: The 3DO is an older console and many of these games may be difficult to find or play on modern hardware.

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