Best Acorn Emulator

Acorn Computers Ltd. was a British company that made a variety of computers, including the Acorn Archimedes, BBC Micro, and Acorn Electron. If you’re looking to emulate these classic systems on your PC, here are some of the best Acorn emulators available for Windows, Mac, and Linux:

  1. RPCEmu: An open-source emulator that supports the Acorn Archimedes and RiscPC systems.
  2. ArcEm: Another open-source emulator that focuses on emulating the Acorn Archimedes.
  3. BeebEm: A popular emulator for the BBC Micro, which was used in many schools in the UK.
  4. Elkulator: An emulator for the Acorn Electron, a cheaper alternative to the BBC Micro.
  5. Arculator: A versatile emulator that can run both Acorn Archimedes and RiscPC software.
  6. Red Squirrel: A recently developed emulator that can run BBC Micro software, including games and educational programs.


There are several Acorn emulators available for PC that allow users to run classic Acorn computers and software. Depending on your preference, you can choose from emulators that specialize in specific systems, such as the Arcimedes, BBC Micro, or Acorn Electron. All of the emulators listed above are free to download and use, and are regularly updated to improve compatibility and performance.

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