Best Apple Games

The Apple II, Macintosh, and iOS platforms have all had a variety of great games over the years. Here are some of the best games for each platform:

Apple II:

  1. Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar – This classic RPG from Richard Garriott features an open world and non-linear gameplay, and has been cited as one of the greatest video games of all time.
  2. Oregon Trail – A classic educational game that has been updated and re-released many times over the years, Oregon Trail tasks players with leading a wagon train across the United States in the 1800s.
  3. Choplifter! – Players must fly a helicopter behind enemy lines to rescue hostages and bring them back to safety.
  4. Lode Runner – This puzzle-platformer involves collecting gold while avoiding enemies and digging holes to trap them.
  5. Prince of Persia – This platformer features rotoscoped animations and challenging puzzles as players guide the titular prince through a dangerous palace to save his princess.


  1. Myst – A point-and-click adventure game with beautiful graphics and a haunting soundtrack, Myst has been credited with popularizing the CD-ROM format and revolutionizing the adventure game genre.
  2. SimCity – The classic city-building simulator challenges players to design and manage a thriving metropolis, dealing with everything from traffic to natural disasters.
  3. Marathon – Bungie’s sci-fi first-person shooter predates their more famous Halo series and is still beloved by fans for its innovative level design and engaging story.
  4. The Secret of Monkey Island – This humorous adventure game from LucasArts has players guide the hapless Guybrush Threepwood through a series of pirate-themed puzzles and challenges.
  5. Diablo II – This dark fantasy action-RPG from Blizzard Entertainment remains a fan favorite, with addictive loot-hunting and challenging gameplay.


  1. Monument Valley – A gorgeous puzzle game with a unique and immersive visual style, Monument Valley challenges players to guide a princess through a series of M.C. Escher-inspired levels.
  2. Threes! – A simple but addictive puzzle game that challenges players to slide numbered tiles around a grid to add them up to three or multiples of three.
  3. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP – This stylized adventure game has players exploring a magical realm and fighting monsters while uncovering a mysterious storyline.
  4. Alto’s Adventure – A beautiful and peaceful snowboarding game that has players racing down a mountain while collecting coins and completing challenges.
  5. Hearthstone – Blizzard Entertainment’s popular digital card game has players build decks of magical spells and minions to battle other players online.

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