Best Apple II GS Games

The Apple II GS is a 16-bit personal computer released by Apple in 1986. It was the last model of the Apple II series and featured an enhanced version of the Apple II’s operating system, graphics, and sound capabilities. Some of the best games for the Apple II GS are:

  1. Prince of Persia – This action-adventure game was originally released for the Apple II and later ported to several other platforms. It features challenging puzzles, intricate level design, and fluid animation.
  2. Lode Runner – This classic platformer game involves players navigating levels filled with obstacles and enemies while collecting gold. It features a level editor, allowing players to create and share their own custom levels.
  3. The Bard’s Tale – This popular role-playing game features a vast world to explore, a deep storyline, and turn-based combat. It also features digitized speech and high-quality graphics for the time.
  4. Shadowgate – This point-and-click adventure game challenges players to navigate a dark and dangerous castle filled with puzzles and traps. It features a variety of endings depending on the player’s choices.
  5. Ultima VII – This classic RPG is considered one of the best games in the Ultima series. It features an immersive world to explore, complex characters, and deep storytelling.

Pros of Apple II GS:

  • Large library of classic games.
  • High-quality graphics and sound capabilities for its time.
  • Retro computing enthusiasts still enjoy using the system today.

Cons of Apple II GS:

  • Limited processing power and memory compared to modern computers.
  • Difficult to find and purchase today.
  • Requires specialized knowledge to maintain and repair.

Official website link: There is no official website for the Apple II GS, but enthusiasts can find resources and community support through websites like and

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