Best Casio Loopy Games

The Casio Loopy was a Japan-exclusive game console released in 1995 that was mainly targeted at young girls. It had a unique design and used specialized cartridges that could print stickers for the players to use. Unfortunately, due to its limited release and unique features, there are not many games available for the Casio Loopy. Here are some of the best games that were released for the console:

  1. Magical Shop – A simulation game where players run a magical store and must satisfy customers’ needs and wants. Features cute graphics and simple gameplay.
  2. Pachinko Gindama Shoubu – A pachinko game that uses the Casio Loopy’s unique sticker printing feature. Players can design and print their own stickers to decorate their game cabinet.
  3. Little Romance – A dating sim game where players interact with different characters and try to build relationships. Features anime-style graphics and multiple endings.
  4. Dream Change: Kokin-chan no Fashion Party – A fashion-themed game where players dress up and prepare for a fashion show. Features the ability to print stickers of the player’s fashion designs.

Unfortunately, there are no official websites that offer these games for download. However, some fan sites may offer ROMs of these games. It’s important to note that downloading ROMs is generally considered illegal unless you own the original game cartridge.

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