Best Entex Adventure Vision Games

The Entex Adventure Vision is a handheld console released in 1982. It was notable for featuring a unique screen technology that used a mirror to reflect graphics onto the player’s eye, rather than displaying them directly on the screen. Here are some of the best games available for the Entex Adventure Vision:

  1. Defender – A port of the classic arcade game, Defender is a side-scrolling shooter where players must protect humans from alien invaders. The Entex Adventure Vision version features smooth scrolling and faithful graphics.
  2. Super Cobra – Another arcade port, Super Cobra is a side-scrolling shooter where players must navigate a helicopter through a maze-like level to reach the end.
  3. Turtles – A simple game where players must guide a turtle through a maze, collecting food and avoiding obstacles.
  4. Space Force – A space-themed shooter where players must blast through waves of enemy ships.
  5. Baseball – A simple but fun baseball game that features basic graphics and gameplay.


  • Unique screen technology gives games a distinct look and feel
  • Games are faithful ports of popular arcade titles
  • Simple and fun gameplay


  • Limited library of games
  • Screen technology can be difficult to adjust to at first

Official website: The Entex Adventure Vision is no longer in production, and there is no official website for the console.

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