Best Epoch Super Cassette Vision Games

The Epoch Super Cassette Vision was a home video game console released exclusively in Japan in 1984. It featured a unique cassette-shaped design and was capable of displaying up to 32 colors on screen. Here are some of the best games for the Epoch Super Cassette Vision:

  1. Elevator Panic – In this puzzle game, you must help people escape from a building that is on fire by using elevators to transport them to the ground floor. The game features 30 levels, and the difficulty increases as you progress.
  2. Magical Block – This is a breakout-style game where you use a paddle to bounce a ball and break blocks. The game features power-ups and bonuses that can help you progress through the levels.
  3. Astro Command – In this shoot ’em up game, you control a spaceship and must destroy enemy spacecraft while avoiding obstacles and projectiles. The game features multiple levels and bosses.
  4. Monster Block – This is another block-breaking game, but with a twist. The blocks are alive and will try to attack you as you try to break them. The game features different types of monsters with unique abilities.
  5. Mr. Chin’s Gourmet Paradise – In this platformer game, you play as Mr. Chin, a chef who must collect ingredients for his restaurant while avoiding enemies and obstacles. The game features different worlds with unique themes and bosses.


  • Unique and distinctive cassette-shaped design
  • Colorful graphics and sound effects
  • Varied selection of games


  • Limited release in Japan only
  • Difficult to find and expensive for collectors
  • Limited library of games compared to other consoles of the time

Official website: There is no official website for the Epoch Super Cassette Vision as the console is no longer in production.

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