Best Nebula Games

Nebula is a popular emulator that allows you to play classic arcade games on your computer. It was developed by ElSemi, and it is known for its high compatibility and accuracy. Here are some of the best games that you can play on Nebula, along with their features, pros, and cons.

  1. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike – Fight for the Future
  • Features: fast-paced fighting game, 19 characters with unique moves and combos, advanced parry system, impressive animation and graphics
  • Pros: deep and rewarding gameplay, excellent soundtrack, online play support
  • Cons: can be difficult for beginners, requires precise timing for advanced techniques
  • Official website:
  1. Metal Slug 6
  • Features: side-scrolling run-and-gun game, six playable characters, various weapons and vehicles to use, challenging levels and bosses
  • Pros: beautiful hand-drawn graphics, tight controls, co-op multiplayer support
  • Cons: can be quite difficult, short playtime
  • Official website:
  1. King of Fighters 2002
  • Features: fighting game with 44 playable characters, various game modes, including a tag team mode, impressive combos and special moves
  • Pros: excellent balance and gameplay, beautiful graphics and animation, great soundtrack
  • Cons: some characters can be overpowered, limited online play support
  • Official website:
  1. Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes
  • Features: fighting game featuring characters from Marvel Comics and Capcom franchises, three-on-three battles, various modes and challenges, tag-team mechanics
  • Pros: fast and frenetic gameplay, impressive roster of characters, great soundtrack
  • Cons: unbalanced characters, limited online play support
  • Official website:
  1. Samurai Shodown V Special
  • Features: fighting game featuring 28 characters, various game modes, impressive animation and graphics, unique weapon-based combat
  • Pros: deep and strategic gameplay, beautiful hand-drawn graphics, great soundtrack
  • Cons: limited online play support, can be difficult for newcomers
  • Official website:

Overall, Nebula offers a great way to experience classic arcade games on your computer. Whether you enjoy fighting games, run-and-gun games, or other genres, there are plenty of great titles to choose from on this emulator.

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