Best PSP – PlayStation Portable Games

The PSP, or PlayStation Portable, was a handheld gaming console released by Sony in 2004. It was the first handheld console to use a disc format, and it had a library of games that catered to a variety of genres. Here are some of the best PSP games:

  1. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories – This game is a classic open-world action game set in the 1980s. It features a gripping story, great voice acting, and a vast open world to explore. Players can complete various missions and side activities to progress through the story.
  2. God of War: Chains of Olympus – This game is a prequel to the popular God of War series. It features intense action, challenging puzzles, and epic boss battles. Players take on the role of Kratos as he fights to save the world from destruction.
  3. Persona 3 Portable – This game is a port of the popular RPG for the PlayStation 2. It has a unique blend of dungeon crawling and social simulation elements, and it has a compelling story and memorable characters. Players take on the role of a high school student who must balance school life with fighting monsters in a mysterious tower.
  4. Lumines – This game is a puzzle game that features mesmerizing visuals and a fantastic soundtrack. Players must rotate falling blocks to match up colors and clear the screen. The game also features a variety of modes and challenges to keep players engaged.
  5. Wipeout Pulse – This game is a futuristic racing game that features high-speed action, great visuals, and a thumping soundtrack. Players can race against AI or other players online in a variety of game modes.


  • The PSP had a diverse library of games that catered to a variety of genres
  • The console was portable, which made it great for gaming on the go
  • Many PSP games were ports of popular console games, which allowed players to experience them on the go


  • The PSP had a relatively short battery life, which could be a downside for long gaming sessions
  • The console had a proprietary disc format, which limited game availability
  • Some games suffered from graphical downgrades when compared to their console counterparts

Official website link: Sony no longer provides support for the PSP, and the console has been discontinued. However, many PSP games are available for purchase on the PlayStation Store for play on newer consoles.

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