Best Sinclair ZX81 Games

The Sinclair ZX81 was a home computer released in the United Kingdom in 1981. Although not as popular as some of the other home computers of its time, it still had a number of popular games. Here are some of the best ZX81 games:

  1. 3D Monster Maze – This game was one of the first 3D games ever released and was a huge hit on the ZX81. Players had to navigate a maze while avoiding a T-Rex.
  2. Lunar Lander – This game tasked players with landing a spacecraft on the moon without crashing.
  3. Planetoids – Players controlled a spaceship and had to destroy incoming asteroids.
  4. Breakout – This classic arcade game was ported to the ZX81 and is still fun to play today.
  5. Chess – The ZX81 had a number of chess games available, including the popular Sinclair Chess game.

Pros: The ZX81 was a budget computer, so the games were usually affordable. The games were also easy to load and play.

Cons: The ZX81 had limited graphics and sound capabilities, so the games were not as visually impressive as some of the other computers of the time.

Official website link: Unfortunately, there is no official website for the ZX81 as the computer is no longer in production. However, there are a number of websites that offer emulators and games for the ZX81.

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