Best SNK Neo Geo Games

The SNK Neo Geo, also known as the Neo Geo AES, was a home video game console and arcade system released in the early 1990s. Here are some of the best SNK Neo Geo games:

  1. Metal Slug – a run and gun game with colorful graphics and intense action. Features: Co-op play, various weapons, multiple vehicles, and challenging levels. Pros: Beautiful 2D graphics, fast-paced gameplay, great music and sound effects. Cons: Short playtime, can be difficult.
  2. Samurai Shodown – a weapon-based fighting game featuring various characters from different countries. Features: Unique characters and fighting styles, different game modes, special moves and combos. Pros: Excellent visuals and sound, interesting story, deep combat system. Cons: Some characters are overpowered, limited number of stages.
  3. King of Fighters ’98 – a 2D fighting game featuring characters from various SNK franchises. Features: Large roster of characters, team-based battles, multiple game modes, smooth animation. Pros: Solid gameplay, great music and sound effects, nostalgic value. Cons: Lacks story mode, some characters are unbalanced.

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