Best Tangerine Oric Games

The Tangerine Oric was a series of 8-bit home computers released in the UK in 1983. Here are some of the best games for the Tangerine Oric, along with features, pros and cons, and official website links:

  1. Don’t Press The Letter Q – A puzzle game where you must avoid pressing the letter Q. Features include challenging gameplay, catchy music, and humorous sound effects. Pros: Simple yet addictive gameplay. Cons: Limited replay value.
  2. Defense Force – A shoot ’em up game with fast-paced action and challenging enemies. Features include smooth scrolling, colorful graphics, and multiple weapons to choose from. Pros: Great graphics and sound effects. Cons: Some may find the difficulty level too high.
  3. L’Aigle D’Or – An adventure game where you play as a knight on a quest to find the Golden Eagle. Features include multiple paths to take, challenging puzzles, and a rich storyline. Pros: Engaging gameplay and storyline. Cons: Some may find the game too text-heavy.
  4. Kong – A platform game where you play as a gorilla climbing a building to save a woman. Features include challenging obstacles, colorful graphics, and catchy music. Pros: Fun and challenging gameplay. Cons: Limited variety in gameplay.
  5. Manic Miner – A classic platform game where you play as a miner collecting items while avoiding enemies. Features include challenging levels, catchy music, and colorful graphics. Pros: Great gameplay and music. Cons: Some may find the difficulty level too high.

Official website link: The Tangerine Oric Preservation Project (

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