Best Visual Memory System Games

The Visual Memory System (VMS) was a memory card for the Sega Dreamcast that also had a small LCD screen and some basic controls, allowing it to function as a standalone gaming device. While the VMS was not widely supported and only a handful of games were released for it, there were some interesting and unique titles available. Here are some of the best VMS games:

  1. Sonic Adventure 2: The VMS version of Sonic Adventure 2 allowed players to raise and train a Chao, a creature that could also be used in the main game. The VMS also had a mini-game called “Chao Adventure,” which allowed players to explore a small world with their Chao and collect items.
  2. Seaman: Seaman was a bizarre and innovative game that allowed players to interact with a virtual pet that was half fish, half human. The VMS version of Seaman had a mini-game called “A-life,” which allowed players to take care of their own virtual pet.
  3. NFL 2K1: The VMS version of NFL 2K1 had a mini-game called “VMU Football,” which allowed players to control a team of football players in a simplified game of football.
  4. Space Channel 5: The VMS version of Space Channel 5 had a mini-game called “Ulala’s Dance,” which allowed players to use the VMS as a controller and dance along with Ulala, the game’s protagonist.


  • Unique and innovative games that take advantage of the VMS’s unique features.
  • Many VMS games are simple and easy to pick up and play.
  • The VMS can function as a standalone gaming device, making it a portable option for some games.


  • The VMS was not widely supported and only a handful of games were released for it.
  • The VMS’s small size and limited capabilities meant that many games were limited in scope.
  • The VMS was an additional expense on top of the Dreamcast console itself.

Official website link: There is no official website for the Visual Memory System, as it was a discontinued accessory for the Sega Dreamcast.

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