Customers complain about replacement issues in addition to Nothing Phone 1 quality and build issues, according to reports.

Users of the Phone 1 have made no complaints regarding the wiring tape’s alignment.

Nothing Phone 1 was released on July 12 in India and across the globe. Only a few days have passed since the phone was made available for purchase in the nation, but already, multiple consumers are claiming to have run into the same design and manufacturing problems. Notably, some users of the Nothing Phone 1’s Black version have reported problems with the wire tape’s alignment. Additionally, several customers have expressed dissatisfaction over Flipkart failing to register their replacement requests.

According to 91Mobiles, a customer exposed various construction quality flaws in the Nothing Phone 1’s rear panel via Twitter. The wire tape’s alignment, the location of the LED flash, and other things were allegedly wrong.

The article also notes that when seeking to return or repair a defective Nothing Phone 1, the publication appeared to be unable to do so through Flipkart. Another user stated that the firm allegedly sent a defective Nothing Phone 1 as a replacement, thus the problems for Nothing did not end there. We have contacted Nothing for comment on the problems, and when we hear back, we’ll update this piece. Since the introduction of Nothing Phone 1, the past two weeks have been difficult for Nothing. Even before the smartphone went on sale, there were reports of some customers having a green tinge on their screen. Others also reported seeing dead pixels near the smartphone’s hole-punch slot.

Even before Nothing Phone 1 went on sale, Nothing was required to deliver the first upgrade. It provided improvements to the fingerprint unlocking process and battery performance adjustments. The update also included support for HDR10+. Only a few days later, there came a second update that purportedly fixed the fingerprint sensor glitch and improved battery life.

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