Droid4X Android Emulator

Droid4X is a brilliant emulator for Android. It is a type of emulator that we use for our PC and other devices for the better gaming experience. It is a robust Android Emulator which lets you run Android games and apps on PC. It allows the users to download Android Apps & Play Games on PC in an easy simple way. It plays games on PC Screen in a more convenient way as compared to the handset.

Operating System of Droid4x

The operating system of Droid4x is based on Android 4.2.2 which you can use for any app from Android Catalog. It is one of the widely used operating systems, and familiar to almost all users.


It includes Windows and Mac versions. The iOS version is under development.

Is Droid4X reliable?

The tool is a reliable and robust Android Emulator. Unlike the other emulators. It can run on basic system requirements.

Features & Highlights

Real Android Experience on PC

The Droid4X lets you play Android games and download & install Android apps on your PC in an easy simple way.

Adaptable to Touch Screen

If you have a touch screen PC, Droid4X will also work on your PC very efficiently.

Gamepad Configuration

To play any game, you have to configure it with a keyboard or gamepad.

Unlimited Android Games

You can play unlimited Android Games for free. You can play Call of Duty, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, PUBG Fortnite or Subway Surfers on PC.

Screen Record

The App permits you to record video files of what is happening or playing on the emulator screen or simply take Screenshots.

Download Apps

This emulator permits you to download Android Apps directly to the emulator.


Droid4X is a free emulator that lets you Play Android Games on your Windows PC.

How To Download Droid4x Emulator on Windows

To download and Install Droid4x into your PC you have to follow easy simple steps.

  • Download the file from the given link.
  • Find the downloaded file on your computer and double click on it.
  • A window will appear to ask some permissions. Click on the ‘agree’ button.
  • The installation will start. After successful installation, open the software and start using it.
  • If you face some issues, restart your device.


  • How can I install APK on Droid4X?

Ans: Go to Setting> Install app > Browse to the location where APK is stored on your computer.

  • Will Droid4x work on Windows 10?

Ans: Yes! Droid4x supports Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10 system.

  •  How can I report a problem?

Ans: You can report any problem that you have in the contact form available to reach out to the Developer.

  • Will Droid4x slow down my system?

Ans: It depends upon system configuration.

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