For Honor Tier List

The Ultimate For Honor Tier List for 2021

Are you looking for the best characters to dominate your opponents in For Honor? Look no further than our comprehensive tier list for 2021. Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran, understanding which characters are the strongest can make all the difference in your gameplay. From the stalwart Wardens to the deadly Zerkers, this tier list will help you choose the right hero for your playstyle.

S Tier: The Best of the Best

The top-tier characters in For Honor have a combination of high damage, speed, and defensive abilities that make them incredibly difficult to beat. These are the heroes that you’ll see in high-level play and in competitive tournaments.

Warden – The Warden has remained one of the strongest characters since the game’s release. They have a versatile moveset that includes fast, high-damage attacks and the ability to cancel attacks mid-combo. Their Crushing Counterstrike ability allows them to counterattack even during their opponent’s attacks, making them an excellent choice for defensive players.

Peacekeeper – The Peacekeeper is a fast and agile hero that excels at quickly dishing out damage while remaining elusive. With a number of quick, light attacks and the ability to bleed their opponents, the Peacekeeper can take down enemies with ease. Their defensive capabilities are also strong, with the ability to dodge and deflect attacks.

Conqueror – The Conqueror is a heavily armored hero that can withstand a lot of punishment while dealing massive damage. Their powerful shield bash and flail attacks are tough to block, and their Full Block Stance ability allows them to defend against almost any attack.

A Tier: Strong Contenders

While not quite as powerful as the S-tier characters, the heroes in the A tier are still formidable in combat. These heroes are well-rounded and can hold their own against most opponents.

Kensei – The Kensei is a well-balanced hero that can adapt to any situation. With a range of heavy and light attacks, as well as unblockable and hyper-armor moves, the Kensei can take on any foe. Their excellent dodge attack and counterattack abilities make them a solid choice for both offensive and defensive playstyles.

Black Prior – The Black Prior is a versatile hero with a unique moveset that includes unblockable attacks, shield bashes, and the ability to flip enemies over their shoulder. They are also capable of using their Bulwark Stance to block attacks from all directions and counterattack with a devastating shield bash.

Shaman – The Shaman is a fast and agile hero that can dish out a lot of damage with their quick attacks and bleed effects. They also have excellent mobility, with the ability to jump and lunge at enemies from a distance. Their healing abilities and stamina regeneration make them a great choice for longer battles.

B Tier: Decent Choices

The heroes in the B tier are solid choices for most players, but they lack the standout abilities that the higher-ranked heroes possess.

Lawbringer – The Lawbringer is a heavily armored hero with powerful throws and unblockable attacks. Their Long Arm ability allows them to grab enemies from a distance, while their Shove ability can interrupt enemy attacks and knock them down.

Tiandi – The Tiandi is a well-rounded hero that excels at mobility and counterattacking. With the ability to dodge and deflect attacks, as well as a range of quick and heavy attacks, the Tiandi can adapt to any situation. Their Tiger Dodge ability allows them to dodge and counterattack at the same time.

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