Google Health Connect is now available in Google Fit

Health Connect compatibility with Google Fit has officially begun to be released.

Today marks the release of Google Fit version 2.89, which includes support for “Sync with Health Connect.” Withings Health Mate joins Samsung Health and Sleep as Android in offering their support.

“Share metrics between Fit and your other applications like your calories, heart rate, and body measurements,” reads the I/O 2022 announcement for Health Connects. Once you’ve updated to the most recent version, a “Get started” card will appear. Full page expands on page summary to explain compatibility:

When you give permission for Fit to access a particular data type from Health Connect, that information is added to the rest of your Fit data in your Google Account. Fit collects this information to provide its services, such as exercise and health tracking and related recommendations and insights.

You can customize Fit’s data usage by selecting which features to utilize. Using data from Health Connect, Fit may display your workout’s total distance or your heart rate during sleep analysis.

Your data is kept locally on your smartphone and can be accessed by other apps that you choose to sync with Health Connect.

Determining what data Fit can “read” and “write” to Health Connect is an integral part of the actual setup procedure. You have the option of being specific or choosing “Allow all.” After that, you can access Health Connect directly from Fit settings if you don’t have the Quick Settings tile activated.

From that point on, you can easily remove permission for any of your currently-installed apps. Explore your Activity, Body measurements, Cycle monitoring, Nutrition, Sleep, and Vitals under “Data and access.”

As Google Fit 2.89 has not yet been made available via the Play Store, you will need to sideload it from here. Fitbit is the second major Health Connect player we anticipate after Google Fit.

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