SFV Tier List – Street Fighter V

The Ultimate SFV Tier List for 2021 – The Strongest Characters to Master

Street Fighter V is the latest addition to the world-renowned fighting game franchise, and it has taken the competitive scene by storm since its release in 2016. With a cast of 40 characters, each with their unique playstyles and abilities, it can be challenging to decide which fighter to main. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive SFV tier list for 2021. Here are the top-tier characters in SFV that you should master to dominate your opponents.

S Tier: The Best of the Best

The S tier is reserved for the most potent characters in the game that have a well-rounded toolkit and can excel in almost any situation.

  1. Akuma: Akuma has been a top-tier pick since the launch of SFV. With his mix-up potential, high damage output, and excellent mobility, he can pressure his opponents relentlessly.
  2. Rashid: Rashid’s versatility makes him one of the strongest picks in SFV. He has a wide range of tools at his disposal, including a projectile, a command grab, and multiple ways to approach his opponent.
  3. Urien: Urien’s toolkit is incredibly versatile, with excellent anti-air options, strong normals, and powerful V-Triggers. He’s also got fantastic corner carry, making him a threat at all times.
  4. Ibuki: Ibuki’s mix-up potential is unmatched in SFV. She has access to many different tools that can leave her opponents guessing, including kunai throws, overheads, and command dashes.

A Tier: Strong Picks

The A tier is for characters that are strong and can hold their own against the best picks in the game.

  1. Chun-Li: Chun-Li has been a fan-favorite since the early days of Street Fighter, and she’s still a strong pick in SFV. With great pokes, mobility, and a powerful V-Trigger, she can control the pace of the match.
  2. Cammy: Cammy’s mobility and pressure game make her a tough opponent to deal with. She has a fantastic anti-air game and can punish her opponents’ mistakes easily.
  3. Karin: Karin has excellent footsies and can control the neutral game effectively. She also has some of the best damage potential in the game and can easily turn the tide of the match with one combo.
  4. Menat: Menat’s unique playstyle is centered around her orbs, which can be used in various ways to control the pace of the match. Her anti-air options are also some of the best in the game.

B Tier: Viable Options

The B tier is for characters that are viable options but might require more work to use effectively.

  1. M. Bison: M. Bison’s mobility and pressure game make him a strong pick, but he can struggle against opponents that can zone him out effectively.
  2. Birdie: Birdie’s long-range normals and command grabs make him a threat at a distance, but he can struggle against rushdown characters.
  3. Necalli: Necalli’s pressure game and mix-up potential are strong, but he can be predictable and struggle against zoners.
  4. Ryu: Ryu is the quintessential Street Fighter character, and he’s still a solid pick in SFV. However, he can struggle against characters with more powerful tools and mix-up potential.

C Tier: Challenging Picks

The C tier is for characters that can be challenging to use effectively and might require a lot of work to master.

  1. Dhalsim: Dhalsim’s long-range game and zoning abilities are strong, but he can struggle against rushdown characters.
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