The Best Ways to Edit Videos with Kinemaster Without a Watermark

Kinemaster is a popular video editing application that offers a wide range of features to help you create professional-quality videos. However, your videos will include a watermark unless you have the pro version. This can be frustrating, especially if you create videos for business or personal use. But don’t worry; there are several ways to edit videos with Kinemaster without a watermark. This ultimate guide will show you the best ways to edit videos with Kinemaster without a watermark.

Method 1: Use the free trial

Kinemaster offers a free trial that allows you to use all features without a watermark. This is an excellent option if you only need to edit a few videos. Download the Kinemaster app and sign up for an account to start your free trial. Keep in mind that the free trial lasts for a limited time, and you will need to upgrade to the pro version to continue using the app without a watermark.

Method 2: Use a third-party watermark remover

There are third-party watermark remover apps available which can be used to remove the watermark from the videos edited in Kinemaster. These apps typically require a one-time purchase or subscription fee. These apps can be found by searching for “remove Kinemaster watermark” on the Google Play Store or App Store. Remember that you should always be careful when downloading and installing apps from untrusted sources.

Method 3: Customize the watermark

Another way to edit videos with Kinemaster without a watermark is by customizing the watermark. You can use a small, transparent logo or watermark that is less obtrusive. This will allow you to edit videos with Kinemaster without a watermark while still showing credit to the app. To customize the watermark, go to the settings in Kinemaster and select “watermark”. Then, you can adjust the watermark’s size, transparency, and position.

Method 4: Use a proxy video

You can edit your videos in Kinemaster and export them with a watermark. Then, you can use a proxy video to remove the watermark. A proxy video is a lower-resolution version of the original video that is used to edit the final video. To use a proxy video, open the video in Kinemaster and go to the export settings. Select a lower resolution and export the video. Once the proxy video is exported, you can open it in Kinemaster and edit it without a watermark.

Method 5: Use an older version of Kinemaster

An older version of Kinemaster may not have the watermark feature, or it may be less strict about enforcing the use of the watermark. However, it is crucial to consider the security and compatibility issues before using any older version of an application. You can find an older version of Kinemaster on some third-party websites, but as always, be sure to download them from a trusted source and also be aware that older version may not have the features or the same level of security as the latest versions.


Editing videos with Kinemaster without a watermark is a common issue for many users. But with the methods outlined above, you should now have a good idea of how to edit videos with Kinemaster without a watermark. Some methods may result in a lower quality video, and you should be careful when using third-party apps. You can purchase the pro version of Kinemaster for editing videos without a watermark. But these methods can be helpful for those who need to edit videos for a short period of time

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