World Flipper Tier List

The Ultimate World Flipper Tier List: Find Your Winning Team

Are you seeking the best characters to add to your World Flipper team? Look no further than this comprehensive tier list, ranking the top characters in terms of their overall effectiveness. From the SS tier to the C tier, we’ve got you covered with all the information you need to build a winning team.

SS Tier: Dominant and Versatile Characters

At the top of our World Flipper tier list, we have the SS tier characters, the most dominant and versatile characters in the game. Arcanist Lilith, Holy Knight Lancelot, Devil Hunter Dante, and Dawn Paladin Norn are among the top SS tier characters, offering powerful attacks, high health and damage stats, and versatile skill sets that make them strong in any situation.

S Tier: Strong and Effective Characters

In the S tier, you will find characters like Crimson Archer Seria, Dark Cavalier Leon, Ancient Mage Frey, Sacred Knight Charlotte, Pirate Captain Gran Brave, and Time Mage Mira. These powerful characters can hold their own in most battles, but they may not be as versatile as the SS-tier characters.

A Tier: Viable Options for Your Team

Moving down to the A tier, you will find Dragon Rider Lolo, Swordmaster Soma, Witch Vivianne, Paladin Riones, Alchemist Lizeria, and Ninja Shuri. These characters are still solid and can be useful in many situations, but they may not be as dominant as the higher-tier characters.

B Tier: Requiring Strategy and Support

The B tier includes characters like Samurai Yoshino, Spearman Harpe, Adventurer Melia, Cleric Elena, Dark Knight Zero, and Lancer Jin. These characters are still viable options for your team but may require more strategy and support to be effective in battle.

C Tier: Useful but Less Effective Characters

Finally, you will find Gunner Raquel, Thief Kaito, Magician Rin, Berserker Goki, and Bard Rima in the C tier. These characters may have some valuable skills but are generally not as strong as the higher-tier characters and may require significant support to be effective in battle.

Final Thoughts: Build Your Winning Team Today

In conclusion, the World Flipper tier list provides a valuable guide for players looking to build a strong team. The SS and S tier characters are generally the strongest and most versatile, while the lower tiers may require more strategy and support to be effective. However, it’s important to remember that players should experiment with different characters and team compositions to find the playstyle that suits them best. So, what are you waiting for? Build your winning team today with this ultimate World Flipper tier list.

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