Best Commodore VIC20 Games

The Commodore VIC-20 was a home computer that was released in 1980 by Commodore. It had a variety of games available for it, and some of the best are:

  1. Gorf – a space shooter that includes five different levels, each with its own unique enemies and challenges. The game has good graphics and sound effects for its time, and provides a lot of fun gameplay.
  2. Omega Race – a space shooter that was released in 1981, featuring vector graphics and simple controls. The game is challenging and addictive, with players attempting to destroy enemy ships while avoiding obstacles.
  3. Jupiter Lander – a Lunar Lander-style game that has players attempting to land a spaceship on the surface of Jupiter. The game includes realistic gravity and thruster physics, which make it both challenging and educational.
  4. Raid on Fort Knox – a game that has players attempting to steal a large sum of money from Fort Knox while avoiding guards and obstacles. The game is challenging and requires strategy and timing to complete.
  5. Miner 2049er – a platform game where players take on the role of a miner attempting to clear 10 levels of a mine. The game features good graphics and sound, and provides a lot of challenging gameplay.


  • The Commodore VIC-20 had a large library of games available, providing a lot of variety and entertainment for users.
  • Many of the games available for the VIC-20 were well-designed and provided a lot of challenging gameplay.
  • The computer was relatively inexpensive, making it an accessible option for many consumers.


  • The graphics and sound capabilities of the VIC-20 were limited compared to more advanced systems that were released later.
  • The computer’s processing power was relatively limited, which made some games slow or difficult to play.
  • The VIC-20 was not as popular or widely used as some other home computers of its time, which may have limited the availability of games and other software.

Official website link: There is no official website for the Commodore VIC-20, as the computer is no longer being produced. However, there are many websites that provide information and resources for VIC-20 users and enthusiasts.

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