Best Commodore Plus4 C16 Games

The Commodore Plus/4 and C16 were 8-bit home computers released by Commodore in the early 1980s. While they weren’t as popular as some of Commodore’s other machines, there are still some great games available for them. Here are some of the best Commodore Plus/4 and C16 games:

  1. Boulder Dash – A classic puzzle game in which you play as Rockford, a miner digging through caves to collect diamonds while avoiding boulders and other hazards.
  2. The Castles of Doctor Creep – An adventure game in which you explore a castle filled with traps and puzzles to rescue a princess.
  3. Space Taxi – A unique action game in which you play as a space taxi driver, picking up passengers and delivering them to their destinations while avoiding obstacles.
  4. Jumpman Junior – A platformer in which you play as Jumpman, jumping and climbing your way through levels filled with traps and enemies.
  5. Summer Games II – A sports game featuring various summer Olympic events, such as pole vaulting, diving, and swimming.
  6. Omega Race – A space shooter in which you pilot a ship through various levels, shooting down enemies and collecting power-ups.
  7. Attack of the Mutant Camels – A shooter in which you pilot a fighter jet, shooting down mutant camels and other strange enemies.
  8. Forbidden Forest – A horror-themed game in which you play as a knight fighting your way through a dark forest filled with monsters.
  9. Lode Runner – A classic platformer in which you play as a treasure hunter digging through levels filled with enemies and traps.
  10. International Soccer – A soccer game featuring teams from around the world, with realistic gameplay for its time.

Pros: These games are classics of the Commodore 8-bit era, offering a range of different genres from puzzle games to sports games. They are often highly regarded for their unique gameplay, innovative mechanics, and challenging difficulty.

Cons: The graphics and sound may not be as advanced as more modern games, and some of the games may be difficult for newcomers to pick up and play.

Official website link: Since these games were released many years ago, there is no official website for them. However, many can be found on websites dedicated to retro gaming and emulation.

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