Best Nintendo (console) Games

There have been many Nintendo consoles over the years, each with its own set of iconic games. Here are some of the best games for a few of Nintendo’s most popular consoles, along with their features, pros, and cons:

  1. Nintendo Switch:
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: This open-world adventure game allows you to explore a vast world, solve puzzles, and battle enemies. Pros: Beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay, lots of content to explore. Cons: Can be a bit difficult, some players might find the weapon durability system frustrating. Official Website:
  • Super Mario Odyssey: This 3D platformer follows Mario on a quest to save Princess Peach from Bowser, with new mechanics such as using Mario’s hat to possess enemies and objects. Pros: Fun and creative gameplay, colorful and detailed graphics, great soundtrack. Cons: Some may find the camera controls tricky, the story can be a bit simple. Official Website:
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons: This life-simulation game lets you build your own island paradise, complete with animal villagers and various activities. Pros: Relaxing and addictive gameplay, cute and charming graphics, regular updates and events. Cons: Some players may find the game’s slow pace and lack of clear goals frustrating. Official Website:
  1. Nintendo 3DS:
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds: This action-adventure game takes place in the same world as the classic A Link to the Past, with a new twist allowing Link to merge into walls and navigate through them. Pros: Fun and challenging gameplay, great use of the 3DS’s 3D capabilities, nostalgic callbacks to the original game. Cons: Some players may find the game too similar to its predecessor, the story can be a bit simplistic. Official Website:
  • Pokémon X/Y: The first main-series Pokémon game on the 3DS, this game takes place in the French-inspired Kalos region and introduces new Pokémon and Mega Evolutions. Pros: Classic Pokémon gameplay with new features, great graphics and music, lots of content and replayability. Cons: Some players may find the game too easy, the story is not particularly compelling. Official Website:
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening: This tactical role-playing game has you leading a team of soldiers through battles, with a deep story and character customization options. Pros: Challenging and rewarding gameplay, great characters and story, beautiful anime-style graphics. Cons: Some players may find the difficulty too high, the game can be a bit overwhelming for new players. Official Website:
  1. Nintendo Wii:
  • Super Mario Galaxy: This 3D platformer has Mario traveling through space to collect power stars and save Princess Peach from Bowser. Pros: Creative and varied gameplay, beautiful and immersive graphics, great music. Cons: Some players may find the controls a bit finicky, the story can be a bit repetitive. Official Website:
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: This action-adventure game has Link venturing into the Twilight Realm to save Hyrule from a dark force, with new transformations and combat mechanics. Pros: Epic and immersive gameplay, great story and characters, beautiful graphics and music. Cons: Some players may find the pacing a bit slow, the Wii version’s motion controls can be a bit imprecise. Official Website:
  • Wii Sports: This collection of sports mini-games (including tennis, bowling, and boxing) was a pack-in game with the Wii console and became a cultural phenomenon. Pros: Simple and intuitive gameplay, great for multiplayer with friends and family, accessible to players of all ages. Cons: Limited content and depth, some players may find the motion controls gimmicky. Official Website:
  1. Nintendo GameCube:
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee: This fighting game has characters from various Nintendo franchises battling it out in frenzied multiplayer matches. Pros: Fast-paced and addictive gameplay, great character roster and stages, tons of content to unlock. Cons: Some players may find the game too difficult or imbalanced, single-player mode can be a bit repetitive. Official Website: N/A (game released in 2001)
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker: This action-adventure game has Link sailing across a vast ocean to rescue his sister and defeat the evil Ganon, with cel-shaded graphics giving it a unique art style. Pros: Beautiful and charming graphics, great music and characters, fun and varied gameplay. Cons: Some players may find the sailing and exploration a bit tedious, the game’s difficulty can be inconsistent. Official Website:
  • Metroid Prime: This first-person action-adventure game has a series protagonist Samus Aran exploring a mysterious planet and battling space pirates and other dangers. Pros: Immersive and atmospheric gameplay, great use of the GameCube’s hardware, satisfying exploration and combat. Cons: Some players may find the controls a bit clunky, and the game’s difficulty can be steep. Official Website: N/A (a game released in 2002)

These are just a few of the many great games available on Nintendo consoles. Each game has its own unique features and strengths, but they all share the hallmark of Nintendo’s commitment to fun and engaging gameplay. For more information on these and other Nintendo games, check out the official Nintendo website at

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