Best Other Emulator

There are many other emulators available for PC that allow you to play games and use software from various vintage systems. Here are some of the best emulators for less common systems:

  1. Bandai Wonderswan: Oswan – Windows
  2. Bandai Wonderswan Color: OswanJ – Windows
  3. Mattel Intellivision: jzIntv – Windows, Mac, Linux
  4. Magnavox Odyssey 2: O2EM – Windows, Mac, Linux
  5. RCA Studio II: WinSTON – Windows
  6. Sinclair ZX Spectrum: Fuse – Windows, Mac, Linux
  7. Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80: XRoar – Windows, Mac, Linux
  8. Texas Instruments TI-99/4A: MAME – Windows, Mac, Linux
  9. VTech CreatiVision: JEMU – Windows, Mac, Linux
  10. Watara Supervision: Mednafen – Windows, Mac, Linux

It is worth noting that some emulators may require additional BIOS files or ROM images in order to function properly. Be sure to consult the documentation for each emulator to ensure that you have all the necessary files.


With so many different emulators available for PC, it’s easy to enjoy classic games and software from a wide range of vintage systems. Whether you prefer the classic consoles of the 70s and 80s or the more obscure systems of the 90s and beyond, there’s sure to be an emulator available that will allow you to relive your favorite childhood memories.

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