Google Pixel Watch app is now officially available on Google Play Store

An official release for the Google Pixel Watch app has been found on the Play Store, and it has a slew of useful features.

  • Google has released a new Pixel Watch companion app.
  • The app may be used to configure and personalize the new Pixel Watch with Wear OS 3.5.
  • The minimum required version of Android to install the app is 8.

Google unveiled the Pixel Watch today at its Made By Google event. Along with the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, Google has also released its first smartwatch. In addition to the smartwatch itself, Google has released a new companion software called Google Pixel Watch.

Set up and control of your new Google Pixel Watch are now a breeze with this new app. Owners of an Android handset running Android 8.0 or higher can instantly begin installing the app on their Pixel Watch. The software facilitates the setup of not only the Pixel Watch but also the Google Assistant and Google Wallet.

This software will allow you to set up your new Pixel Watch, personalize its watch faces, and control the tiles that appear on your wrist. Accessibility settings can also be adjusted by the user at the time of initial setup. Individual dials, digital clock text, Fitbit mode, and other complexities can each be customized to a user’s preferred color scheme in the new watch faces.

A variety of tiles, all of which the user can control, are suggested by the app in the Play Store listing. Some examples are a quick-launch tile for exercises and Google Maps.

In addition to the settings in the web interface, the native app allows users even more control over their notifications. To receive notifications from certain apps on their Pixel Watches, they can opt into those apps’ respective settings. Apps on the Watch and on the Phone have separate notification systems. The settings page is reminiscent of the Notifications section on Pixel phones like the Pixel 6 Pro, where consumers are accustomed to making personalization adjustments.

The Google Pixel Watch app also shows whether your Pixel Watch is connected, and what percentage of battery life it has, and provides a button to silence notifications.

Last but not least, the app description guarantees the acquired information is secure and “no data is shared with third parties.” Information such as email address, app usage, Device IDs, crash reports, and diagnoses are among the types of personal data gathered. It’s good to know that Google says their data is encrypted while in transit.

You can get the app from the Play Store right now, but you won’t be able to do much with it unless you also have the watch.

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