Rivals of Aether Tier List

Last Updated on June 5, 2023 by Rizwan

Master Rivals of Aether with Our Comprehensive Tier List

Rivals of Aether is a popular indie fighting game that combines fast-paced action with unique characters and abilities. To excel in this game, it’s essential to have a good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each character. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive Rivals of Aether tier list, ranking the best characters in the game based on their effectiveness and viability.

S Tier: The Top-Tier Characters

At the top of our Rivals of Aether tier list, we have the S tier characters, which are considered the most powerful and effective characters in the game. These include the likes of Ori and Sein, Forsburn, and Wrastor. These characters have exceptional abilities, powerful moves, and can easily turn the tide of battle in your favor.

A Tier: Strong and Versatile Characters

In the A tier, you’ll find characters like Kragg, Zetterburn, and Maypul. These characters are strong and versatile, and can fit into many different playstyles and strategies.

B Tier: Viable Characters

The B tier includes characters like Clairen, Absa, and Ranno. These characters are viable options and can be included in certain strategies, but may require more skill and practice to use effectively.

C Tier: Situational Characters

The C tier consists of characters like Sylvanos, Elliana, and Etalus. These characters are situational and may require specific strategies or match-ups to be effective in battle.

D Tier: Weak Characters

Finally, in the D tier, you’ll find characters like Orcane, Shovel Knight, and Dan Fornace. These characters are generally considered weak and should be avoided unless you have a specific reason to use them.

Conclusion: Build Your Ultimate Rivals of Aether Team

In conclusion, our Rivals of Aether tier list provides a valuable guide for players looking to master this exciting fighting game. The S and A tier characters are generally the most effective and versatile, while the lower tiers may require more skill and specific strategies to use effectively. However, players should experiment with different characters and playstyles to find the one that suits them best. So, what are you waiting for? Build your ultimate Rivals of Aether team today with our comprehensive tier list and become a true champion in this exciting game.