Best Commodore Pet Games

The Commodore PET was primarily used for educational and business purposes, and thus, there aren’t many games available for it. However, here are a few notable games for the Commodore PET:

  1. Lunar Lander – A simple game that requires players to land a lunar module on the surface of the moon.
  2. Hamurabi – A text-based game that tasks players with managing a civilization and making decisions about the allocation of resources.
  3. Star Trek – A text-based game that puts players in command of the USS Enterprise as they explore the galaxy, encounter alien races, and engage in tactical combat.
  4. Wizard – A dungeon-crawler that requires players to navigate a maze of rooms, defeat monsters, and find treasure.

Official website: There is no official website for the Commodore PET, as it is an old computer system that is no longer in production. However, some of these games can be found on various retro gaming websites and forums.

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