Best PUBG Mobile Emulators for PC | Windows & Mac

If you want to play PUBG Mobile game with a big screen and better controls with keyboard and mouse, you have to install Android emulator in your computer. You probably already know this, but it isn’t easy to decide which Android emulator is best for playing PUBG Mobile because there are so many emulators. Almost everyone claims that it is the most suitable emulator for PUBG Mobile. And there is no better emulator in the world.

A few lines about PUBG Mobile:

Let’s recap the brief intro of PUBG:

  • The word PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.
  • It is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game.
  • Unknown random players land on ground and fight in a battle royal mode.
  • The other players are real players from all around the world playing online just like you.
  • You can fight as a solo player or in a small group. The last man alive is the winner.
  • PUBG Mobile is free to download on Google Play Store.

Did you know that:

  • Tencent is the developer and publisher of the PUBG game.
  • Tencent regularly releases new updates and new features for PUBG.

Things you should know before you play PUBG on emulator:

First, make sure you know the following information about playing PUBG Mobile using an emulator on Windows PC or Mac:

  • PUBG for PC edition is available, but that is not free, it’s a paid version.
  • Gameloop is an official Android emulator for PUBG Mobile that is made by Tencent, the same developers of PUBG.
  • PUBG servers can detect that you are playing on an emulator. So, you will be landed with players who are also playing the game on an emulator, not mobile players. However, you can use the same mobile account (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to login into the game.

Top reasons to play PUBG Mobile on an emulator:

Why should someone choose to play this game on an emulator rather than the mobile phone or tablet? Here are some benefits of using the emulator:

  • Better control via keyboard and mouse (or even a joystick or gamepad).
  • You can benefit from the keymapping feature for PUBG Mobile game. Keymapping behaves like triggers or taps like shoot, aim, weapon change, etc. by pressing a button on the keyboard. This feature alone is the major reason why pro players prefer emulator for playing PUBG Mobile.
  • The big screen shows vivid and clear graphics. You can see the enemy and shoot more precisely.
  • If you have a gaming PC or laptop, you can experience the best quality graphics without lags when you have a dedicated graphics card or GPU (such as Nvidia or AMD).

Best PUBG Mobile Emulator

Here is the list of the best emulator for PUBG Mobile game on PC.


Gameloop (formerly known as Tencent Gaming Buddy) is Tencent’s best ever emulator for PUBG Mobile. Tencent Gaming Buddy (TGB) was the testing emulator and now replaced by Gameloop, the best pubg mobile emulator for low end pc.

It is the best emulator for PUBG because this emulator is made by the same company who has developed the PUBG game. Therefore, Gameloop is fully optimized emulator for PUBG Mobile.

Download Gameloop

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