Best Android Emulators for Windows

This page is dedicated to enlist the best Android emulators for Microsoft Windows only. All experts agree that Windows is the best operating system for gamers and a clear winner in gaming industry.

Unlike other mixed lists, here you will see only Windows based best emulators for playing Android games on PC or laptop running Windows OS.


Windroy is an Android emulator in the world of windows. The application has been intended to bring to the table the user a full Android experience. Windroy is the only emulator which does the great job at keeping the characteristics of the Android stage. When the application is first run you start with the primary lock screen, this will gives you the path to the standard interface.

Windroy will support both types of mode screens- Full Screen and Windowed screen modes having various types of user interface.  This application can be controlled by mouse and keyboard as well. Windroy also supports Ethernet and PPPoE, so you guys can get to the Internet inside the Android emulator.

All in all, Windroy is a good app for developers who need to test apps and clients to see how Android functions and works. Since Windroy offers an Android stage, you can use it to test the functionality of the working framework onto your Windows PC.

Features of Windroy

While talking about the technical features of this app- Windroy has the following properties;

  • Fit for all types of windows including Window 98, Window 8, Window 10, Window XP, Window 2000, Window 2008, Window 2003.
  • Available in these languages- English, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, German.
  • License Free

How to Download Windroy Emulator?

Although Windroy does exclude direct access to Google Play, you can introduce any application which you like by using its APK records. Also, it coordinates perfectly with Flash and Windows Media Player.

The most interesting thing about this application is that it doesn’t exactly fill in as a test system, but rather it runs the operative system itself.

It allows you to open all of your Android applications – including those in 3D so you can easily enjoy Android games on your PC.

ARChon (Chrome browser extension based emulator)

ARChon is the only first Android emulator that works on Google Chrome browser. This amazingly app uses on Chrome across different stages including Windows, Linux, mac OS. This app ARChon emulator works at Chrome OS and Chromebooks. It runs Android APKs on Chrome! It also supports various games and applications.

Features of ARChon emulator

Talking about the features of ARChon emulator- it includes the following properties;

  • This app is very convenient for all type of Operating Systems.
  • Also supports the latest version of system.
  • Requires Operating System with Windows 7 having 64- bit Operating System.
  • Can be used for Android games and applications.
  • An integrated user interface with Google Chrome.

How to Download ARChon for Chrome Browser?

Run your Google Chrome, go and download ARChon emulator. There you’ll see a big ZIP file. Make settings through Extension- there you will see a list of google extensions.

Activate the developer mode by marking the small box on the right side of your window. After the activation mode of your Chrome emulator, now click on “load unpackaged extension”. From that window- Click on the folder which you have downloaded.

All you need to choose APK files of application you want to run. Now you are free to transfer these files from your devices and you are also able to run this application from various websites.

ARChon is 100% free and accessible for download on any device or PC that can run the ever-developing Chrome Brower application that controls the web browsing for all type of clients online from all around the world.

Android Studio

Android Emulator generates Android devices on your PC so you can test your application on a variety of devices and Android API levels without expecting to have each physical device.

The emulator gives you the capabilities of a real Android device. You can determine the area of the device, reproduce diverse organization speeds, re- create rotations and other equipment sensors having access the Google Play Store and App store. 

The emulator accompanies predefined configurations for different Android phone, tablet, Wear OS, and Android TV devices.

You can use the emulator manually through its graphical User Interface and automatically through the command line and the emulator support.

Android Studio has requirements

  • 64- bit processor
  • CPU and UG supports on windows
  • SDK tools with 26.1.1
  • AMD processors on Linux and Windows
  • HAXM 6.2.1 recommended

Android Emulator is included with Android Studio. We recommend you to use emulator that comes with Android Studio.

How to Download Android Studio?

  • Go on google and download Android Studio.
  • After downloaded the Android Studio- go to the Preferences- make settings à Android SDK.
  • Click on SDK tool and make sure that you are downloading the latest version of “Android SDK”.

Well Android Studio emulator comes with all the comfort tools through which the users can easily avail it. You all need to balance the regular updates and some supports that comes with Android Studio emulator for all type of devices.


In the list of best android Studio emulators- BlueStacks is one of the best emulator among all.

BlueStacks launched as one of the first option to play Android applications and games on a Windows PC.

The BlueStacks screen looks a lot of normal Android devices, so it should be easy to use for a user- friendly users.

Jar of Beans

Jar of Beans is an Android Emulator .An Android emulator is clearly a significant tool for application developers, allowing the testing of programming to be managed without the need of a physical device.

Jar of beans is the only emulator for anyone to access an application before introducing it with their device, whether or not it be for security reasons or in case they just don’t have their device that seems to be that point.

Jar of Beans runs Android Jelly Bean. It supports Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (HAXM), which gives the device speeding to the emulator to improve by and large execution.

Jar of Beans features

  • Supports Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (HAXM)
  • Totally portable Android emulator
  • User- friendly as easy to use
  • All you need up to 1GB Free Disk Space
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 Graphic card

How to download Jar of Beans?

Jar of Beans is available on Google Play Store for you to download applications, games in Google’s application store.

Install APK allows you to introduce the .apk file which is stored on your PC so you can experience the application isn’t in Google Play.

An ADB interface is available to help associate directly with the Android framework is recreated. This Jar of Beans App installation file is not hosted on Server.

Whenever you click the “Download” connect on this website page, file will downloading directly from the owner sources Official Site. Jar of Beans is definitely a windows application that made by Jar of Beans Inc.


Xamarin Android Player which gives you the chance of running, testing, troubleshooting or debugging Android applications in an agreeable situation that runs on Windows. In simple terms, you can mess with a virtual Android telephone on your PC. It supports a few virtual telephone models, with various Android version.

The software is free and it is accessible for Windows and Mac OS X. Installing it might require some investment of time or money because the setup wizard will also introduce Orcale’s Virtual Box on your PC, which is a necessary requirement. The equipment requirement should not be a test for any cutting edge PC.

Xamarin Android Player has deep mix with Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio and a local UI on both Mac and Windows. Running Android on x86 virtual machine using hardware accelerated virtualization and OpenGL, Xamarin Android Player is significantly quicker than the stock Android Emulator.

Xamarin Android Player runs with Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio and some other application compatible with ADB.

How to Install Xamarin?

Xamarin Android player depends on Virtualization and OpenGL. This means that this Android player cannot work on Remote Desktop or Virtual machines.

Xamarin requires Virtual Box 4.3.18 for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Hence the Xamarin emulator will install automatically and updated with its latest version.

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