Best BBC Micro Games

The BBC Micro was a home computer system released by Acorn Computers in the early 1980s. It was popular in the United Kingdom and is remembered fondly by many who grew up with it. Here are some of the best games for the BBC Micro, with features, pros and cons, and official website links:

  1. Elite (1984) – A space trading and combat simulation game that was hugely popular and influential, Elite is considered a classic of the genre. Players trade goods, fight pirates, and upgrade their ships in a vast universe filled with planets and space stations. Pros: Open-ended gameplay, impressive graphics and sound for its time. Cons: Steep learning curve, can be repetitive. Official website:
  2. Chuckie Egg (1983) – A platform game in which players guide a character named Henhouse Harry through a series of levels, collecting eggs while avoiding obstacles and enemies. Chuckie Egg is simple but addictive, and has become a cult classic. Pros: Easy to pick up and play, charming graphics and sound. Cons: Can be frustratingly difficult. Official website:
  3. Repton (1985) – A puzzle game in which players guide a character named Repton through a series of underground levels, collecting diamonds while avoiding hazards such as falling rocks and monsters. Repton spawned several sequels and imitators and remains a beloved classic. Pros: Challenging puzzles, cute graphics and sound. Cons: Controls can be awkward. Official website:
  4. Citadel (1985) – A text adventure game set in a fantasy world, Citadel has players exploring a castle filled with puzzles and traps. Citadel was notable for its use of graphics alongside text and its high level of interactivity. Pros: Engrossing story, immersive atmosphere. Cons: Some puzzles can be frustratingly obscure. Official website:
  5. Revs (1984) – A racing simulation game that was highly realistic for its time, Revs lets players race around a track and customize their cars’ settings. Revs was known for its attention to detail and its steep learning curve. Pros: Impressive graphics and sound, highly realistic. Cons: Can be difficult to master, limited number of tracks. Official website:

These are just a few of the many great games available for the BBC Micro. While the system may be outdated, these classic games are still worth playing today for their historical significance and entertainment value.

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