Best Capcom Play System Games

Capcom Play System (CPS) was an arcade system board series developed by Capcom. Here are three of the best CPS games:

  1. Street Fighter Alpha 3 is a classic fighting game that features a large roster of characters, deep combat system, and a variety of game modes, praised for its vibrant graphics and intense gameplay; pros: large roster of characters, deep combat system, vibrant graphics; cons: difficulty spikes, unbalanced characters; official website link:
  2. Marvel Super Heroes is a fighting game that features a variety of iconic Marvel characters, special moves, and combos, praised for its colorful graphics and fun gameplay; pros: iconic Marvel characters, fun gameplay, colorful graphics; cons: limited moveset, short campaign mode; official website link:
  3. Alien vs. Predator is a beat ’em up game that features three playable characters, cooperative gameplay, and a variety of weapons, praised for its atmospheric graphics and intense action; pros: atmospheric graphics, intense action, cooperative gameplay; cons: repetitive gameplay, limited replay value; official website link:
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