Best Pel Varazdin Orao Emulator

There are a few emulators available for the Pel Varazdin Orao, but they are not as widely used as other computer emulators. Here are a few options that you can try:

  1. Orao Emulator: This emulator was developed by Mirko Vučković and is available for Windows and Linux. It emulates the Orao 103 computer and has support for cassette tapes and disk drives.
  2. Orao Emulator by LGB: This emulator is also available for Windows and emulates the Orao 103 computer. It supports cassette tapes and disk drives as well.
  3. JS Orao Emulator: This is an online emulator that emulates the Orao 102 and Orao 103 computers. It supports both cassette tapes and disk drives.

It’s important to note that these emulators may not be as stable or feature-rich as emulators for more popular computer systems.

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