Grand Summoners Tier List

Grand Summoners Tier List: The Best Units to Build Your Dream Team

If you are a fan of gacha games, you have probably heard of Grand Summoners. This popular mobile game has a huge roster of heroes to choose from, but not all units are created equal. To help you build the best team possible, we have created a tier list of the top units in Grand Summoners.

SS Tier: The Best of the Best

The SS tier is reserved for the cream of the crop, the most powerful units in the game. These are the units that you want to build your team around.

  1. Vox
  2. Sonije
  3. Weaver

S Tier: Strong Choices for Any Team

The S tier is where you will find some of the strongest units in Grand Summoners. These units are excellent choices for any team.

  1. Berwick
  2. Cestina
  3. Daki

A Tier: Solid Units for Most Teams

The A tier is where you will find units that are solid choices for most teams. While they may not be as powerful as the units in the SS and S tiers, they are still excellent choices.

  1. Riviera
  2. Sanstone
  3. Dark Celia

B Tier: Good Units in the Right Team

The B tier is where you will find units that can be good choices in the right team composition. While they may not be the best units in the game, they still have their uses.

  1. Herck
  2. Valhalla
  3. Norn

C Tier: Units that are Outclassed

The C tier is where you will find units that are outclassed by other units. While they may have some uses, there are usually better options available.

  1. Arth
  2. Fen
  3. Roy

D Tier: Units to Avoid

The D tier is where you will find units that you should avoid if possible. These units are generally weak and will not be useful in most situations.

  1. Vitz
  2. Toto
  3. Vaid


Building a strong team in Grand Summoners can be a daunting task, but with this tier list, you will have a good starting point. Keep in mind that team composition and strategy are also important factors in creating a powerful team. With a little bit of experimentation and some luck with your summons, you can create a team that can take on any challenge Grand Summoners has to offer.

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