Overwatch Tier List All Heroes Ranked

Overwatch Tier List: All Heroes Ranked and Explained

Are you tired of struggling to find the right hero in Overwatch? Do you want to know which heroes are the best to climb the ranks in competitive play? Look no further! In this Overwatch tier list, we will rank and explain all heroes, from the most effective to the least.

S Tier – The Best Overwatch Heroes

In this section, we’ll cover the heroes that are currently the most effective in Overwatch. These heroes are the ones that you will see most often in high-level competitive play.

  1. Mercy

Mercy is a versatile support hero that can heal, buff, and resurrect her allies. Her ultimate ability, Valkyrie, allows her to fly, heal faster, and chain her healing beam to multiple allies. Her mobility and survivability make her a top pick for any team.

  1. Reinhardt

Reinhardt is a sturdy tank hero that can absorb a lot of damage and create space for his team. His signature ability, Barrier Field, creates a large shield that can protect his teammates from incoming fire. His ultimate ability, Earthshatter, can stun and knock down enemies in a wide area.

  1. Tracer

Tracer is a highly mobile damage hero that can blink around the battlefield and deal massive damage up close. Her ultimate ability, Pulse Bomb, can stick to enemies and deal a lot of damage in a small area. Her speed and mobility make her a great hero for harassing the enemy team and taking out key targets.

  1. Zarya

Zarya is a tank hero that can absorb damage and deal it back in return. Her Particle Barrier and Projected Barrier abilities can protect her and her allies from incoming fire. Her ultimate ability, Graviton Surge, can pull enemies together, making them easy targets for her and her teammates.

  1. Ana

Ana is a long-range support hero that can heal and deal damage at the same time. Her Biotic Rifle can shoot darts that heal allies or damage enemies. Her ultimate ability, Nano Boost, can increase an ally’s damage, speed, and resilience.

A Tier – The Great Overwatch Heroes

In this section, we’ll cover the heroes that are still very effective in Overwatch, but not quite as dominant as the S Tier heroes.

  1. Baptiste

Baptiste is a support hero that can heal and boost his allies’ damage. His Biotic Launcher can shoot grenades that heal allies or damage enemies. His ultimate ability, Amplification Matrix, can boost damage and healing for his teammates.

  1. Ashe

Ashe is a damage hero that can deal high damage from a distance. Her Viper rifle can shoot single shots or rapid-fire shots. Her ultimate ability, B.O.B., summons a robot that charges forward and knocks enemies into the air.

  1. Sigma

Sigma is a tank hero that can absorb damage and dish it back out. His Kinetic Grasp ability can absorb incoming projectiles, while his Accretion ability can stun enemies. His ultimate ability, Gravitic Flux, can lift enemies into the air and deal massive damage.

  1. Widowmaker

Widowmaker is a long-range damage hero that can take out enemies from a distance. Her sniper rifle can deal high damage with a single shot, while her Venom Mine can reveal enemies and deal damage over time. Her ultimate ability, Infra-Sight, can reveal all enemies to her team for a short time.

  1. Lucio

Lucio is a support hero that can heal and boost his allies’ speed. His Crossfade ability can switch between healing and speed boosts, while his Soundwave ability can knock back enemies. His ultimate ability, Sound Barrier, can give his allies a large shield that protects them from incoming damage.

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